Sunday, 24 November 2013

The Perfect Ring

It's the all important question in many relationships, "will you marry me?" I do find myself looking at engagement rings on line or staring in at rings on shop front windows. One thing does astound me though, is the price many rings are, and is this a realistic ask? 

For those that want to get married, it will be the most special ring in your life that you will wear with pride maybe even holding your hand up in the air to show it off,but would you be willing to show it off if it cost under a certain budget? I asked a few people their thoughts on buying this all important ring and I got very mixed reactions! One person I spoke to said he felt a pressure to spend a certain amount on an engagement ring. One woman I spoke to said price didn't matter as long as she loved her ring. I have met people who have gotten engaged and well lets just say they have felt the need to tell me their ring was expensive. Of course, I was delighted to hear this because we all know the more money you spend the more you love someone! One couple I spoke to, decided to get engaged and went shopping and purchased the ring together. I spoke to another lady who said, price didn't matter to a certain extent. I do agree we don't want a ring whose stone is going to fall out or one that makes your finger black from wearing it!

I am no diamond expert and honestly I can't tell the difference half the time between what's an expensive diamond and what's not. I have seen rings costing close to €10,000 on jellewers windows.  I was never an expensive person and I never will be. I will never be the the person flaunting the price of my ring. Price is not the deciding factor on whether I love the ring or not, it's design and the fact that my partner spent time choosing this ring for me is what will win my heart.

I have heard people say they can't afford an engagement ring but really where did all this hype and pressure, to splash the cash come from? It is one of the biggest marketing scams, diamond companies of course set the rule, 10% of your annual salary or three months salary is what one should be spending. According to The Dailymail, the average engagement ring costs three weeks salary. The extra pressure to buy a diamond ring, confuses me. What about the other beauties of the earth such as pearls, sapphires and cubic zirconia? Diamonds are a girls best friend. Are they really if your engagement ring puts your partner in depth and you can't purchase your dream wedding dress? 

non diamond engagement rings!

perfect ring

Diamond Heaven

Which is your favourite ring above? One costs a whopping €8,000 and the other €750. Can you tell the difference? Of course types of diamonds change the price, but with both resting on 18 carat white gold it's a big unnoticeable difference! 

This whole pressure of buying a ring with a certain price tag gets me thinking, have people forgotten exactly why they are wearing the ring in the first place? Like a lavish wedding, but that will be a rant for another day!!

Remember, i
f buying diamonds, please purchase conflict free diamonds!

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  1. That's an interesting questione Cat :-) My husband chose a lovely engagement ring without risking bankrupt, and I could't have been more happy!
    Coco et La vie en rose
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    1. I'm delighted, it means alot spending the time to choose the right ring x

  2. very nice my dear!!!:)

  3. The sapphire ring is my favourite!
    Laura. xx

  4. I can't really tell from the photos how much they cost, but I like the pearl one best - it's the most delicate, and I'm always a fan of dainty when it comes to rings!


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