Tuesday, 26 February 2013

bleach splashed neon

Neon's are a big trend this summer. It is one trend though
that you don't want to get wrong looking like an 80's workout icon!

It is best to chose one item such as shoes or bag to make a statement!

I love neon's especially in jewellery so I chose this necklace with several orange
neon stones

H&M (old)

I love my new bracelet with two neon pink stones

H&M €9.95

I adore my new clutch from ZARA, not only is it neon orange but it is also 
perspex! Very Cool

ZARA - €25.99

I love my new bleach splashed jeans they are a great fit!

H&M - €19.95

Did you know men find bare feet attractive and this is the perfect shoe
to do just that! 

Pennys €15

And paired with a white shirt, this is how I wore the neon trend!




Saturday, 23 February 2013

Second Chance

I love a bargain. 

I really love a bargain when it involves designer labels!

I had a wedding recently and no Idea what I wanted to wear.

I saw a dress on the window of a charity shop Enable Ireland. I found out when it was on sale and
qued  the morning it was to sell and got it yeah!!

What was amazing was, It was in perfect condition, only €20 and it was Karen Millen!


Jacket (old) - Primark (London)

My aunt is a sewing machine master so she altered it for me!

Bracelets-H&M, €7.95
Shoes (old) - Limited Edition Pennys
Bag (old) - Shoe rack

I was unable to find the original price but rail hunting is charity shops is 
a cheap way to find jewels




Personal styling #1

Obviously I have an interest in fashion but
I would love to do personal styling and shopping, at the moment I am building
my portfolio and here is my first project!

Melissa is my best friend and sister in law (to be one day! if he ever gets down on one knee!!!)
Her cousin recently got married and she wanted a new outfit!

So being the fab person she is she asked me to purchase just that!

I had an idea of what I would love to style her in and it was perfect for her.

I really wanted to stay on trend  and choose an outfit that would compliment her fab figure.

The pencil skirt from River Island was my first purchase. Melissa is 5"4, wearing a skirt, if your smaller, below the knee will give the appearance that you are taller. It has a slit up the back adding a sexy look to the outfit!

The peplum neon pink top is from H&M. Neon's are massively on trend and instantly sets off the outfit. I loved the idea of peplum over this skirt but a style that would fall and compliment her figure.

It was accessorised with a gold studded bag and gold cuff from penny's to give it a bit of edge.

Shoes are her own.




Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Bright stripe

Adore this outfit from Zara

Might resemble a posh Kat Slater but I love it!

 Blouse - €39.95 // Heels - €49.95 //  Skirt - €39.95 // Clutch - €59.95

In stores now!




Monday, 18 February 2013

Rihanna for River Island

What do you think of Rihanna's collection for River Island?


There is  a few pieces I love but others I don't think
the streets of limerick are ready for yet!




Friday, 15 February 2013

Edwardo ScissorsHands

 I recently got my hair cut. My whole life I have had shoulder length hair.
Finally, after much patience my hair had grown to just above my elbow and 
with extensions it looked fab!

So I went to the hairdressers, I wanted a trim, I asked for a trim
I did not get a trim!

No problem just trim my extensions and my hair will still be long, Right?

Wrong :( My extensions were put in crooked and butchered!

R.I.P. Lovely Long Long Straight Locks!
On a positive note, it has given me some inspiration, it's ruined now
why not make the best of a bad situation. I adore Caroline Flack's
hair below. I know everyone has balayage  but it looks fab on her!

picture: headkandy.com

I could go with a natural look like Jessica Biel's or just go blonde like Drew's!

pictures: left- boards.ie // right-haircare.ie

Or go crazy all together and go yellow!
Yellow suits gingers!!

Picture: left-thehairromance.com // right-thefashionstylista.blogspot.com

Great Lengths Ireland have amazing extensions. They use human hair,
which is 100% traceable. They cannot quote a price until you
have had your free consultation. Sally's have a wide and cheaper selection of extensions.

Great Lengths
They would be so tempting if I turned into her!!

I am in love with feather extensions! Fine Featherheads have a huge and
beautiful selection of feather extensions. They are an american based company that ship world wide
Prices start from $24.99. 
Try a natural look or coloured feathers for a stand out effect.

fine featherheads

Let me know what you think!




Wednesday, 13 February 2013

walking on the bed of roses

What are you wearing for your valentines date?

Is he taking you for romantic dinner?

Dress-Lashes Of London // Shoes-Schuh // Bag-RiverIsland

Or are you going have a cheeky kiss in the back of the cinema?

Tee-RiverIsland // Jacket-RiverIsland // Jeans-RiverIsland
Boots-NewLook // Bag-TopShop

Or just a cosy night in front of the fire?
Jeans-MANGO // Jumper-RiverIsland // Shoes-TopShop




D.I.Y. #3

I'm going to show you how to make a pair of 
fun denim shorts from an old pair of jeans

You will need:
Pair of jeans
Fabric pen
Customizing spikes

This transfer pen is fantastic you can get it in
any good fabric store. This pen reacts to heat so
you will need to iron your clothing to make it
permanent. Spikes, RiverIsland €8
Step 1: Put your jeans on and mark where you want to cut and cut!

Tip: mark lower than you want to ensure you have more to work with in case you mark it too short

Step 2: When your happy with your length, hold the scissors as wide as you can at

 the end of your short's leg and quickly move the scissors back and forth to create this frayed look. 

Step 3: Add studs to your pocket, which ever side you prefer, or both.

Step 4: With your pen, draw what ever designs you want. Make it personal so its a unique piece.

Step 5: Your new shorts!!




Monday, 11 February 2013

The Sun Is Not My Friend

Living in Ireland is not glamourous

It is wet and cold. I am so sick of my poor toes feeling
like their standing in sick feet of snow all the time!!

It's hard not to sulk when you see all the pretty summer
clothes and you get the flu from attempting to wear them 
for an hour.

The only yellow in my life will be my reflection

1 - Miss Patina // 2 - RiverIsland // 3 - RiverIsland
4 - RiverIsland // 5 - Office

I hope the sun rethinks our friendship and comes to see me again
and stays this time!!




Monday, 4 February 2013

Through the looking glass

A massive trend this summer is The Perspex Heel

Top Left- ASOS
Top Right- TopShop
Bottom Left- BooHoo.com
Bottom Right- ASOS

I love them, there is so many different styles
to suit every outfit.

I personally love the TopShop heel. They are a classy shoe
 can carry you from day to night

The black studded pump is a great idea for anyone who wants a summer
shoe but doesn't wan their toes exposed!!
Wear with ankle length trousers to shoe off the design.




Sunday, 3 February 2013

Biker Belle

Biker jackets should exist in every wardrobe

Check out my favourites x

             1-Mango ~ 2-RiverIsland ~ 3-Mango
4-RiverIsland ~ 5-TopShop