Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Christmas shopping OOTD

Hi Everyone! I haven't posted in a few days, one of my gorgeous dogs grew her angel wings last week. Ali was an amazing dog. She was so gentle, had an amazing temperament and won the hearts of everybody who met her. She will be sadly missed but we are forever grateful we had her for the short time we did. It is very true, dog is man's best friend. Our younger dog Myka has kept us occupied and she is full of spirit, she has been a great comfort.

I have an outfit post for you today! Faux fur is a winter essential and should be in every girl's closet! There is so many fur jackets, clothes and accessories available, it's simple to incorporate it into your own personal style. From fur jackets, collars to scarves you can have a little or a lot to wrap up in style this winter. 

I purchased this brown fur faux jacket in H&M last month. At €49.95, it was an absolute steal. Fur jackets are soft and comfy and a great for this chilly weather.

All from H&M. Prices range from €30 - €50
H&M have a wide range of fur jackets in many styles and colours, at amazing prices. From the conservative style fur jacket to fashion statement fuzzy jacket,there is on there for you. 

I met a friend Saturday. I love catching up with good friends. We had a bite to eat in BB's, their muffins are so yummy! On Sunday I started and finished the grueling task of Christmas shopping! The shops were so busy, it was lovely to see so many people around. The Christmas rush is well under way! I got all my gifts thankfully, I hope everybody likes them!! 

I love brown and cream matched together. I bought my lace skater dress in Primark in London two years ago. I love it so much. It can transformed form summer to winter with simple layering. I also bought my gold necklace in London two years ago. It's from Forever 21 and is a great statement piece. Pumps are so handy to have for the winter. They really keep an outfit girly. I wanted to keep this outfit pretty. A lot of my boots are heavy and really didn't match the look I was going for. It can be too cold for pumps but I was literally popping into the shopping center next door.

Do you like faux fur?

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?



Thursday, 28 November 2013

Christmas Dresses not for you?

St. Stephen's night last year, I opted to wear a trouser/top combo as apposed to the traditional Christmas dress. The weather is getting so cold, I'm very tempted to do the same this year!

Last year I was very traditional in my black and gold. For me, these colours really are a must at Christmas time! I love my gold jacket so much. It will defiantly get a few trips out this year! 

Florals and leather are two trends that have had a major impact on the winter fashion scene. From leather tops, skirts to trousers you really can't go wrong with this trend. 

Trousers - Missguided // Top, Clutch, Chain - All River Island

Sticking to my black and gold, if wearing a dress is not your thing for many festive nights ahead, remain looking gorgeous and sexy in leather trousers and  a figure hugging mesh leotard. I am totally head over heels in love with River Islands fab top and its the perfect way to make a statement this Christmas. Although the sleeves are long, you are still baring skin through the mesh material. The gold baroque style, is perfect for the party season. Styled with a metal trio foil clutch, barely there heels and a gold choker, this outfit is perfect to celebrate in style.

Two Piece , Clutch, Ring - All River Island // Shoes - New Look

Florals are far from being traditional Christmas style, but rules are made to be broken! Two piece suits are the perfect way to ooze confidence and prove you have style. I am totally in love with two pieces. They are a brave choice. The black material sets of the winter white floral design on these pieces creating a feminine feel. Styled with burgundy t-bar pumps adds block colouring and a touch of class. A splash of lime adds fun to the outfit getting you in the party mood. A statement ring adds a touch of quirkiness. 


(origin: sugarpop.com)

Two of celebs, Rosie Fortescue and Rita Ora, sporting the two piece trend.

I cannot wait to get paid this Friday, I really have to get my Christmas wardrobe in gear! I have purchased one dress which I will share in a couple of weeks with you. I am going to my first Christmas night out this year! 

Would you opt for a two piece this Christmas?



Sunday, 24 November 2013

The Perfect Ring

It's the all important question in many relationships, "will you marry me?" I do find myself looking at engagement rings on line or staring in at rings on shop front windows. One thing does astound me though, is the price many rings are, and is this a realistic ask? 

For those that want to get married, it will be the most special ring in your life that you will wear with pride maybe even holding your hand up in the air to show it off,but would you be willing to show it off if it cost under a certain budget? I asked a few people their thoughts on buying this all important ring and I got very mixed reactions! One person I spoke to said he felt a pressure to spend a certain amount on an engagement ring. One woman I spoke to said price didn't matter as long as she loved her ring. I have met people who have gotten engaged and well lets just say they have felt the need to tell me their ring was expensive. Of course, I was delighted to hear this because we all know the more money you spend the more you love someone! One couple I spoke to, decided to get engaged and went shopping and purchased the ring together. I spoke to another lady who said, price didn't matter to a certain extent. I do agree we don't want a ring whose stone is going to fall out or one that makes your finger black from wearing it!

I am no diamond expert and honestly I can't tell the difference half the time between what's an expensive diamond and what's not. I have seen rings costing close to €10,000 on jellewers windows.  I was never an expensive person and I never will be. I will never be the the person flaunting the price of my ring. Price is not the deciding factor on whether I love the ring or not, it's design and the fact that my partner spent time choosing this ring for me is what will win my heart.

I have heard people say they can't afford an engagement ring but really where did all this hype and pressure, to splash the cash come from? It is one of the biggest marketing scams, diamond companies of course set the rule, 10% of your annual salary or three months salary is what one should be spending. According to The Dailymail, the average engagement ring costs three weeks salary. The extra pressure to buy a diamond ring, confuses me. What about the other beauties of the earth such as pearls, sapphires and cubic zirconia? Diamonds are a girls best friend. Are they really if your engagement ring puts your partner in depth and you can't purchase your dream wedding dress? 

non diamond engagement rings!

perfect ring

Diamond Heaven

Which is your favourite ring above? One costs a whopping €8,000 and the other €750. Can you tell the difference? Of course types of diamonds change the price, but with both resting on 18 carat white gold it's a big unnoticeable difference! 

This whole pressure of buying a ring with a certain price tag gets me thinking, have people forgotten exactly why they are wearing the ring in the first place? Like a lavish wedding, but that will be a rant for another day!!

Remember, i
f buying diamonds, please purchase conflict free diamonds!

Let me know your thoughts 



Friday, 22 November 2013

Kala Gel Nails Limerick

One of my worst habits in the world is when my nails reach a certain length I'm chewing on them.  Being at work and wearing no make-up and seriously dressing down, it would be nice to have some bit of glamour in my everyday life! I had been thinking about getting gel nails done for a long time but I was reluctant to so as many salons are charging €50 for a full set and €40 for a refill. To even justify spending this every three weeks was a thought that was not even going to come into my head. Well that was until my friend, Lisa, recommended a salon she goes to.

 Kala Gel Nails is a limerick based nail salon situated on Thomas St in the city center. At €30 for a full set of gel nails and only €25 for a refill, this is the perfect location to have your nails pampered. Being a gel nail virgin I had no idea what to expect! I must say the service, I received in this salon was exceptional. Karolina, Kala's nail technician is not only very accommodating to last minute appointments but she also offers are very welcoming service and offering great advice. I have been to her twice and she has been so obliging to doing the designs I bring in with me. She has a great eye for detail and offers brilliant advice to applying the final touches to your new set of gel nails. 

I highly recommend this salon to any one who is thinking of getting gel nails or already has them. With a wide range of  gel colours, glitters and nail accessories you are sure to be walking out of Kala's Gel Nail Salon in style!

Here are designs I have had so far!

I'm already scouring the internet looking for inspiration for my Christmas nails. Watch this space!

Be sure to check out and like her face book page.



Thursday, 21 November 2013

Christmas shopping OOTD

My last post was finding your perfect Christmas dress and coincidentally I met my sister in law  today for a catch up and a Christmas dress browse! Sequins are every where, but some shops really take the biscuit and charge an arm and a leg. I never got how dresses of the same material and similar design can vary so much from shop to shop. I guess labeling has so much to do with it! She didn't pick one up today but I can't wait to see what she does get eventually!

I love my high waisted trousers from River Island. I have been looking for a stylish pair of  black trousers for a long time. Black trousers can look very office like, but the cut and shape of these is very fashion forward. I adore the gold buckle detailing, a main factor to my purchase. River Island have these style of trousers in many designs. They have a houndstooth pair that flew out the door and I really hope they come back in! Every one should have white shirt in their wardrobe. I love the sophistication and character it brings to an outfit. What do you think of the green necklace with the green jumper? I wasn't sure about it at first, but I really like it. The thick gold chain breaks the two greens together. I'm wearing another one of Catrice's lipsticks. Orange is a great alternative to red. I've kept the rest of my make-up natural for my day look. 

Trousers - River Island
Jumper - Topshop (old)
Shirt - H&M (old)
Necklace - Awear
Lipstick - Catrice Ultimate Colour 060



Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Dress To Impress This Christmas!

It's that time of year again, ladies! Yes the time where all of us girlies are out to dress to impress, to up stage the office bitch and have every one's eyes peeled to the best dressed, you of course!! It's Christmas party season! Believe it or not, I rarely have Christmas work parties, doing shift work it's impossible to organise a night out for all but plenty of nights out will be had to take it's place! 

It's almost like planning a wedding outfit, we all want that dress that will have people gasping and have heads turning. It's hilarious that nine times out of ten women dress up to impress each other. Women come in to a bar and every man AND woman eye her up! 

The competition stakes hit even higher when it's the Christmas party because really, when do work colleagues see you at your hottest. The extra effort is  really made and hair and make up appointments are all organised weeks in advance. 

I have created five looks that I hope you all will like and will give you inspiration and ideas to the style and trend you are hoping to rock your Christmas party with this year!

dress - asos // all accessories River Island
My first look is Gatsby inspired and who can't resist a bit of 1920's glamour. The embellished detailing on this stunning black number, create's the Christmas sparkle in uber sophistication. It's a short number but the high neck compliments it. Added with ever so sleek and on trend silver barely there sandals, black jewellery, red lips and an exquisite clutch, it's a head turner!

Dress - missguided // all accessories - River Island
Silver is such a cliche colour for Christmas but it has to be done! I'm not a very "matchy matchy" person but I do think that all silver sets off this dress. Platform ankle boots are an excellent way to elongate pins and compliment a skater skirt. A large diamond cuff will add extra bling as will a heavy embellished clutch. It's Christmas so the more glitz the better! I love knuckle rings, they elongate fingers and are so stylish. Apply a dark purple lipstick for a dramatic effect.

dress - missguided // All accessories - River Island
There had to be a sequin number popped into this collection! I think this deep silver number does the trick. It's low V neck is compensated with the dress's long sleeves, exuberating sophisticated sexiness. Paired with again gold barely there sandals, wandering eyes will be in for a treat. The ruby ring adds a nice pop of colour and makes a statement when worn on the index finger.

Dress - missguided // All accessories- River Island
When your not into the glitz and glam of Christmas yet still want the wow factor, I think this striking cobalt dress will do the trick. Leopard print goes with just about anything and It cimpliments this dress very well. Add a diamante ring from River Island with clashing green and a pair of barely there sandals with a gold bar across the toes. This adds further glam to the outfit without going over the top.

Dress - Missguided // All accessories - River Island
I have left my favourite until last! This dress is stunning!  Burgundy is so big right now and it compliments any skin tone. The velvet top and chiffon skater skirt create a girly look, with a statement gold panel belt to accentuate the waist. The deep neck plunge effect is the perfect detailing to dress to impress. Burgundy lips will set this dress off and will draw attention to your face. Add platform boots with over the top glitzy accessories to sail through your Christmas party in style. This dress, unfortunately is sold out but keep an eye out on the Missguided website to see when it is back in. My eyes will be glued!

Have you bought your Christmas dress yet? What are you wearing?



Monday, 18 November 2013

I can see why Bella wanted to be a vampire!

I haven't done an OOTD outfit in so long. When I have days off work, it is so much nicer to hang around the house in my pyjamas's or throw on an old hoody when heading to the shops. Positive thinking is so important for a healthy you and a positive mental health and well my  Pyjamas and dressing gown addiction of late is not very healthy at all! So, I have told my self, because I work all the unsociable hours God created, I must have at least one day a week where I am dressed well and I have my make-up and hair done. We'll see how long this lasts. Although I must say, at work I wear no make-up, wear old clothes and my hair is fired up any way that is easiest and well I'm sick of looking like I was just dragged through a field! I had cropped trousers on yesterday with ankle boots. I didn't put tan on my ankles since it's winter and that would be silly (says the one who is plastered in fake tan on nights out), when I looked down it was like I was wearing white socks. There is a Lily Cole pale and then there is me pale (I applied an effect to the pictures below so my skin looks not so pale, I'm a cheater!). I would love to meet famous red heads of the world and ask them what skin regime do they swear by. Goal in life, to be twilight pearly white! I can see why Bella wanted to be a vampire!

I'm loving black at the moment and I am normally anti black but it is so chic, I can't resist! I don't know about you but I have so many crop shirts and tops from the summer that I can carry into the winter. This denim shirt is cropped but I popped a long black cami underneath. It creates extra warmth and hides what the winter does not need to see. Body tops are also an excellent way to create extra warmth. Penneys/Primark stock various colours at great prices.

Penneys/Primark have really upped their game this season with incredible jewellery for incredible prices. This stylish baby was only €6. It's burgundy threading means its bang on trend and its collar effect means it can be worn with buttoned up shirts and high and low neck tops/dresses.

I treated myself to another one of Catrice's lipstick, at only €4.49, these lipstick's are worth every penny and the colour is so true to the stick. I have so many colours, a natural shade was needed and I'm in love. A natural shade is great if you don't want extreme eyes and lips or even if you just want natural day make-up.

Jacket - Penney's/Primark (old)
Shirt - Primark (London)
Trousers - Zara (old)
Boots - River Island
Necklace - Penney's/Primark
Lipstick - Catrice Ultimate Colour 190



Sunday, 17 November 2013

Do It Yourself This Christmas #2

Yesterday I posted about D.I.Y. gifts for those all important women in your life. Men are so much harder to shop for and they are certainly so much harder to create gifts for, but here are my favourite D.I.Y. gifts for that special man in your life! These gift ideas are brilliant as stocking fillers or just a simple token.

Personalised picture clock
I absolutely love this idea. It's a simple way to create a lasting memory and keep it over time!! I think choosing a photo from when I was child is so special as it relays the past and very special moments. Find directions here

Grill rubs
Have you a man in your life that loves his meat? Then this is the perfect stocking filler for him. Home-made grill rubs made from scratch are an ideal gift to get him standing in front of the cooker for once! Find directions here

Vinyl bowl
This is the perfect gift for anyone who has a lover of music in their life! It is so simple to make. Use it either for storage or hang it on the wall!  Find directions here

Chalkboard Mug
This is a fabulous gift to write lovely messages every morning for a loved one. Find directions here

Coffee Cup Photo Sleeve
This is the perfect gift for any man who loves his coffee and wants his dearest close to him at all times. It's a personal gift and you can find directions here

Personalised Cuff Link
If you have a father or brother who loves to look well in shirts, this is the perfect gift. Add pictures of loved one or their favourite football team. Find directions here

Bottle Cap Coasters
Any beer drinkers in the house? Then keep their beer caps because this a great and simple gift. Choose from their favourite beer or different beers from all over the world. Find directions here

I hope you like these creative Ideas and if you are a child making these gifts make sure you have adult supervision.



Saturday, 16 November 2013

Do It Yourself This Christmas #1

It is very clear that Christmas shopping is well under way. I live very close to a shopping center and the traffic on the weekends going in there has been increasing. The crowds in there today was manic. I've never been an early Christmas shopper, I usually leave it till the last few weeks where I spend my time running around like a headless chicken! Of course, it doesn't stop me making an extra special effort with the gifts I will buy. I met my brother and he's girlfriend who told me they are making home made gifts for each other. I think it is such a lovely idea and it's very personal. My oldest dog Ali got very sick during the week and spent a few days in the vets which cost a small fortune. This put me thinking, should I do D.I.Y. gifts this year. After a small bit of research I have found some amazing gift ideas that I would love to share with you. These are more for female friends but I pop a post up soon to suit the man in your life!

Gold Leaf Paper Bowl

This a clever and easy gift idea that suits any age. This bowl is pretty but of course you can design it any way you want. Perfect for storing jewellery, make up or hair accessories! Find directions here

Picture Coasters

This a wonderful gift to seal your memories forever or stir them up while drinking a cup of tea! See what I did there!! Find directions here

Home made Honey Lip Balm
I think any one would appreciate this gift. The cold winter weather reeks havoc on our lips and what better to create soft kissable lips than natural honey lip balm. Find directions here

Tassel Bracelet

I am totally in love with this idea. Not only is it super stylish, they are so easy to make and you can use so many different colours. Find direction here.

Geode Rings

These are the perfect stocking fillers for any fashion forward woman. These are fabulous and have to be the easiest gift to make ever. They are the perfect accessory to any Christmas outfit. Find directions here


Floral never dates and it has survived this season. With the bright winter morning sun why not treat a friend to a pair of customised sunglasses. Perfect for any festival goer next summer. Find directions here

If you are a child making any of these make sure have adult supervision.



Friday, 15 November 2013


For me seeing a new store opening is like a child receiving a new toy, it's so exciting! I was in The Crescent Shopping Centre located in Limerick today and I noticed that  "Parfois" has been opened. Of course I had to have a look inside and it probably has to be a new favourite of mine! Parfois is a Portuguese accessories store for women with two hundred stores all over the world in France, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia, Philippines, Georgia, Kosovo, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, Serbia, Egypt, Morocco, Ireland, Angola and Mozambique. Stocking jewellery, hand bags, hats, scarves, sunglasses, shoes, boots and hair accessories. It is simply AH-mazing. My favourite part of the shop is their fedora's, they stock a great range and so many styles to suit so many people. It is a very bright store with excellent lighting which makes it's so attractive. Items are displayed in a great way that you can take in all products and you won't miss a thing! I will need to do a Parfois haul very soon! The official opening day in Limerick is tomorrow so make sure your in early to take a peek! Do not fear if you do not live in Limerick or Ireland for that matter, they have an excellent online store, click here

Let me know what you think of Parfois.