Sunday, 17 November 2013

Do It Yourself This Christmas #2

Yesterday I posted about D.I.Y. gifts for those all important women in your life. Men are so much harder to shop for and they are certainly so much harder to create gifts for, but here are my favourite D.I.Y. gifts for that special man in your life! These gift ideas are brilliant as stocking fillers or just a simple token.

Personalised picture clock
I absolutely love this idea. It's a simple way to create a lasting memory and keep it over time!! I think choosing a photo from when I was child is so special as it relays the past and very special moments. Find directions here

Grill rubs
Have you a man in your life that loves his meat? Then this is the perfect stocking filler for him. Home-made grill rubs made from scratch are an ideal gift to get him standing in front of the cooker for once! Find directions here

Vinyl bowl
This is the perfect gift for anyone who has a lover of music in their life! It is so simple to make. Use it either for storage or hang it on the wall!  Find directions here

Chalkboard Mug
This is a fabulous gift to write lovely messages every morning for a loved one. Find directions here

Coffee Cup Photo Sleeve
This is the perfect gift for any man who loves his coffee and wants his dearest close to him at all times. It's a personal gift and you can find directions here

Personalised Cuff Link
If you have a father or brother who loves to look well in shirts, this is the perfect gift. Add pictures of loved one or their favourite football team. Find directions here

Bottle Cap Coasters
Any beer drinkers in the house? Then keep their beer caps because this a great and simple gift. Choose from their favourite beer or different beers from all over the world. Find directions here

I hope you like these creative Ideas and if you are a child making these gifts make sure you have adult supervision.



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