Friday, 28 June 2013

Just a couple!

It's been a very busy week at work, so here is a couple of outfits from the week! Check my attempt at a handmade collar!

Top Penney's old
Boyfriend jeans Penney's new, €15

Skirt, €11
Top, €10
Chain. €5 all from Penney's

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Love Cat


Sunday, 23 June 2013

Superman you can save me any time, just don't make another movie!

I went to see "Superman Man Of Steel" last night and all I can say is Snore!!!. Now I do love a good comic book hero movie but unless you adore Superman and he can do no wrong in your eyes, don't waste your time going! I think I fell asleep twice. That is one of the worst things, it has the perfect environment for napping!! Complete darkness, comfy chairs and heat! Or am I the only loser that falls asleep watching a movie? I love sleep so much it's unnatural! On the bright side I got to wear a new outfit! I am loving my new joggers from River Island. I wasn't sure about joggers but OMG they are so comfy and this pair is very flattering. At only €25, I couldn't say no! My new tee was pre-loved by my best friend! I had seen her wearing it loads of times and finally got my hands on it! It's great having friends with good fashion taste! Jacket and shoes are really old but are items that always prove to me why I still have them! Great colours that match with almost everything. I love putting a glitzy piece of jewellery with a casual outfit, with the blue in the chain matching the blue in my trousers it was perfect. I personally hate big earrings, and statement necklace's worn together because they don't suit my peanut sized head, but I also hate naked ears! I picked up the cutest pack of three in H&M for €3! I'm wearing a pair below, I will upload the rest in my next post.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

How time flys by!

Today has absolutely flown! I can't believe its the evening already. I hate days like this! It just means less time between you and work!! I had to bring my poor puppy to the vet this morning. She has an ear infection, feeling very sorry for her! On a more positive note I went shopping again, this has to stop and on Thursday I booked a flight to London to see my brother. I cannot wait. I am in love with London aaaahhhhh so excited!!! My look today is bright because it is very gloomy outside! Adore my Tiger jumper I got in Topshop ages ago. Again another neon necklace from H&M. Everything I tried on today, my boots matched perfectly with. I will keep them forvever!! 


Love Cat 


Supporting the fashion troops!

I was delighted to find out I was nominated again for the Liebster Award by Liana! Please check out her blog. She always leaves thoughtful and personalized comments on posts. It's a joy to read them!  I decided I would do this post again promoting blogs I have recently liked and bloggers who have been so kind enough to check out my blog and leave wonderful comments.

1. What prompted you to start blogging?
Love fashion!
2. What are your expectations from your blog?
To inspire readers!
3. What do you like posting about the most?
Clothes! especially new buys
4. Do you follow fashion trends? If so, to what extent?
I can be a trend slut but sometimes I do a quirky me on it!
5. Do you have any favourite trends at the moment?
Love them all!
6. Do you have a style icon? If so, who is he/she and why?
Fearne Cotton, very unique
7. What kind of posts do you enjoy reading?
trending fashion and diy8. What are your favourite blogs to read?
Kavita@she wears fashion, style by three and dress code chic :)
9. Do you take inspiration from your favourite blogs?
10. What do you enjoy the most about blogging?
Amazing people taking time to read it and leave a comment
11. Would you change anything about your blog?
Ya! Hire an in house photographer to take proper pics!


My questions!

1. Who is celebrity crush?
2. Weirdest experience?
3. Have you any fears?
4. Chocolate or crisps?
5. Do you match your toenail and finger nail polish?
6. Favourite sweet?
7. William or Harry?
8. Favourite reality show( if you don't detest them)?
9.Blonde, Brunette or Redhead?
10.Gold or silver?
11. How do you love to spend your weekend?

Please check out Liana's blog and all the wonderful nominees!

Love Cat


Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Grey maxi

 Have you ever thought things are going on track and then a spanner is thrown in the works and you're back to square one? It's crazy you think you know your chosen career when your 18, but really how can you? I love fashion, to work in it would be a dream come true! So to cheer myself up, I took a little walk to the shopping centre :D :D Retail therapy is my one and only pick me up, whether it's window shopping or actual shopping it always works! Picked up some very cute bits and a very cute t-shirt dress (online), that I can't wait to wear. I adore this grey maxi dress from H&M. My belt can be picked up in Penney's/Primark, it's very cool! My poor owl has only one eye the misfortune!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013


I love the comic themed trend that's floating around at the moment. I bought this crop top recently in Primark. I love it, it's so much fun! I bought my skirt ages ago in H&M, I love the high waist detailing. Finally the sun is here again so my skirts are back out :)

Love Cat


Monday, 17 June 2013

Personal styling #3

I love styling, can't get enough of it! I styled my sister in law for her birthday party the weekend. I had seen this dress ages ago and knew it was made for her. Deb has black hair which is  a great bonus when you are wearing bright colours, it just makes them pop. I chose this tube dress simply because this colour compliments her very well. The white panel detailing and black waist outline clinches in the waist complimenting her perfect hourglass figure! Accessorised with stud jewellery and cream clutch to add edge to the outfit! Hottie!!

Love Cat



I am absolutely wrecked after my weekend but it was 100% worth it! I had my sister-in-law's 30th birthday party and it was so much fun! I loved my Glamorous skater dress I wore! I love neon but had never worn a full neon item, I thought this was perfect to start with! The lace top to the dress was see through but I was lucky to get a plain neon sports bra! yes sports bra to go under it! It matched perfectly and even looked part of the dress! I would advice anyone if you have a a see through top wear a similar colour bra, vest /crop top underneath. I love my new River Island heels so much because I think they were the first high shoes that felt like slippers from first wear!  Big clutches were the best invention ever, they are cute, neat and fit all your essentials! This stone colour clutch from Penney's was a perfect match for my shoes and dress. I love the stud detailing. 

Love Cat


Friday, 14 June 2013

Something a bit different!

In my normal, non-virtual life I am a social care worker but I also do a bit of modelling. I would like to share some of my favourite shots I've done.

Please check out these amazing photographers



Thursday, 13 June 2013

You've got to love the blazer!

I am very sticky writing this post and inhaling the strong scent of  fake tan! Preparing for the weekend ahead! I've never really accepted that ginger's do not tan, will never tan and should not be tanned! I am a victim to the bronzing! Why does tan make everything look so much better?! Or what really gets me is those super pale girls that have the porcelain skin and just look "twilight" amazing! I really should embrace my natural colouring but when you have milk bottle legs with a tint of purple it can be scary! I bought an outfit last week for a party I am going to Saturday night. I loved the idea of it but it just was not me. There was a lot of black which I try to rarely wear. Anyway I exchanged it for a bright colourful dress and got some killer heels! I will bare all when I have the hair done and the war paint on! I love dressing up going shopping and a good blazer really finishes off an outfit. Blue and stone are two colours I love putting together and everybody needs a navy white stripped top in their wardrobe! Handy for those sailor themed parties! (because I go to so many! Not!!) These trousers are so comfortable! I picked them up in Penney's years ago and they are still as good as new. I could wear these as pajamas  My latest obsession is these gold rings. I really think, even though plain they make a great statement!

All items Penney's from god know' s when!



Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The great Gatsby!

I've been very excited to see The Great Gatsby for a long time. Simply for the style of course. This movie made the 1920's look like a major party and stylish era! If I was back in that time I would imagine I'd wear something like this! How fun was the fashion in this movie? 

Flapper dress - River Island //  Hair piece - River Island // Heels - office
Clutch - New Look // Earrings - New Look

And what I wore to the cinema! Not very Gatsby style! It's freezing here again so the jeans and jackets are back out. I love my Primark jacket its very plain but has great shoulder and back aztec detailing. This H&M shirt is great, it keeps you nicely warm and how lovely is the print! The button detailing is also a favourite! Add a pop of neon orange earrings for colour!