Thursday, 6 June 2013

I love short shorts!

It's absolutely fabulous today here in Ireland. I was off work for five days, back for one and  again I'm off for four more and the temperature is set to be hot! It's the first time I've actually sat outside and blogged, it's lovely! I think my dogs would agree!

I love wearing short shorts but I still haven't gotten the courage to wear them outside my front door or just to the beach! Do you ever see those girls who show a bit more than what we would like? Yep, that's my paranoia!! I love the bleach effect on the side of these shorts from Penney's. They came in pink, purple and yellow. Yellow reminded me of sunshine! I adore the ripped look. I attempted this once on a old pair of jeans I cut up, I was very unsuccessful! I think it's just better to buy ready made!! The ethnic look is still huge and with the fringing, I think this top from Primark
hits many trends! I love it but it is hard to match with different trousers. I bought it  when I was in Liverpool in March so you can imagine it's being sitting in its drawer a long time! I have considered cutting off the fringing, what do you think? 


  1. You should just go for it and wear them out, im sure you can pull it off :)

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  2. Just wear them! They look really cute.
    new follower!
    xoxo anna

  3. Go with the shorts I do (a longish pair) you have a lovely figure and the weather is gorgeous.
    As to the top how about cutting it up the front and adding eyelets and lacing? Could look good with jeans and a white tee.

    1. Thanks Lou! I got my answer after I washed the top, all the fringing ripped!lol


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