Saturday, 22 June 2013

Supporting the fashion troops!

I was delighted to find out I was nominated again for the Liebster Award by Liana! Please check out her blog. She always leaves thoughtful and personalized comments on posts. It's a joy to read them!  I decided I would do this post again promoting blogs I have recently liked and bloggers who have been so kind enough to check out my blog and leave wonderful comments.

1. What prompted you to start blogging?
Love fashion!
2. What are your expectations from your blog?
To inspire readers!
3. What do you like posting about the most?
Clothes! especially new buys
4. Do you follow fashion trends? If so, to what extent?
I can be a trend slut but sometimes I do a quirky me on it!
5. Do you have any favourite trends at the moment?
Love them all!
6. Do you have a style icon? If so, who is he/she and why?
Fearne Cotton, very unique
7. What kind of posts do you enjoy reading?
trending fashion and diy8. What are your favourite blogs to read?
Kavita@she wears fashion, style by three and dress code chic :)
9. Do you take inspiration from your favourite blogs?
10. What do you enjoy the most about blogging?
Amazing people taking time to read it and leave a comment
11. Would you change anything about your blog?
Ya! Hire an in house photographer to take proper pics!


My questions!

1. Who is celebrity crush?
2. Weirdest experience?
3. Have you any fears?
4. Chocolate or crisps?
5. Do you match your toenail and finger nail polish?
6. Favourite sweet?
7. William or Harry?
8. Favourite reality show( if you don't detest them)?
9.Blonde, Brunette or Redhead?
10.Gold or silver?
11. How do you love to spend your weekend?

Please check out Liana's blog and all the wonderful nominees!

Love Cat



  1. I'm a fan of Fearne's style!
    she's come such a long way
    High Street Fashion & Celebrity Style

  2. Thanks for nominating me! I feel so honored :-)

    xx, V

  3. Oh, thanks Cat for nominate my blog One Thought In Two Different Sites. For me is very important that people like you follows my blog and reads my posts. Thanks Cat!!

    1. Aw no problem! I really enjoy your bolg x

  4. Thank you for your nomination Cat. I appreciate it.x

    1. No problem Demmy. I love reading your blog! You hav a great eye and your recent post was my shopping spree inspiration x

  5. Congrats! Loved your blog and will come back for sure!

    Oh, I just started following you on GFC and Bloglovin by the way! Hope you come by my blog! Would love to know what you think about it, and maybe follow me back if you like it?

    These are my links hun <3:
    Instant Milk link
    Facebook page link
    Bloglovin link


    1. Hi! Thanks! I would love to check out your blog x

  6. Thank you Cat! You're so cool!!! =)

  7. Thank you so much for the nomination! Put a smile on my face :) I will get on doing this asap!

    Alice x

  8. Oh, so wonderful of you my lovely, thank you so much for your very kind words - definitely made my day! <333 Will check out the blogs you posted! Lots of hugs and have a wonderful Saturday evening! <3

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

    1. No problem Liana, it was well deserved xxx

  9. Hey hun! Thank you so much for nominating me! so friggin cool!!!! :)

    I am going to check out Liana's blog for more info, you are friend great Cat!


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Love Cat