Friday, 7 June 2013

I want to build a house on the beach

From as early as I can remember, building a house on the beach was a dream. I grew up only ten minutes from the beach and spent every day there as a child. Its an absolute blessing to leave near such beauty. Unfortunately now I'm living in the city and I'm very far from the nearest seaside. It's now more a case "make a plan" to go as apposed to impulse! When I go, I take in as much of it as I can. I got there today and can't wait to go back! The weather is spectacular here at the moment and the drive down was simple bliss.  I regret it when I have to leave! So, maybe I should just build that house! Today's outfit is about detail and again aztec! A lot of my outfits are clothes I have had for a long time so I may not be able to supply a link. I just hope they can give you some inspiration.

Top and sandals-Penney's
shorts-New Look, all last season

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