Friday, 22 November 2013

Kala Gel Nails Limerick

One of my worst habits in the world is when my nails reach a certain length I'm chewing on them.  Being at work and wearing no make-up and seriously dressing down, it would be nice to have some bit of glamour in my everyday life! I had been thinking about getting gel nails done for a long time but I was reluctant to so as many salons are charging €50 for a full set and €40 for a refill. To even justify spending this every three weeks was a thought that was not even going to come into my head. Well that was until my friend, Lisa, recommended a salon she goes to.

 Kala Gel Nails is a limerick based nail salon situated on Thomas St in the city center. At €30 for a full set of gel nails and only €25 for a refill, this is the perfect location to have your nails pampered. Being a gel nail virgin I had no idea what to expect! I must say the service, I received in this salon was exceptional. Karolina, Kala's nail technician is not only very accommodating to last minute appointments but she also offers are very welcoming service and offering great advice. I have been to her twice and she has been so obliging to doing the designs I bring in with me. She has a great eye for detail and offers brilliant advice to applying the final touches to your new set of gel nails. 

I highly recommend this salon to any one who is thinking of getting gel nails or already has them. With a wide range of  gel colours, glitters and nail accessories you are sure to be walking out of Kala's Gel Nail Salon in style!

Here are designs I have had so far!

I'm already scouring the internet looking for inspiration for my Christmas nails. Watch this space!

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  1. They are both so lovely my darlin <3


  2. They are beautiful nails honey!!!!
    Alicia & Sofía

  3. I really love the nails in the second picture, what girl would say no to pink and diamonds!
    Laura. xx

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