Friday, 15 February 2013

Edwardo ScissorsHands

 I recently got my hair cut. My whole life I have had shoulder length hair.
Finally, after much patience my hair had grown to just above my elbow and 
with extensions it looked fab!

So I went to the hairdressers, I wanted a trim, I asked for a trim
I did not get a trim!

No problem just trim my extensions and my hair will still be long, Right?

Wrong :( My extensions were put in crooked and butchered!

R.I.P. Lovely Long Long Straight Locks!
On a positive note, it has given me some inspiration, it's ruined now
why not make the best of a bad situation. I adore Caroline Flack's
hair below. I know everyone has balayage  but it looks fab on her!


I could go with a natural look like Jessica Biel's or just go blonde like Drew's!

pictures: left- //

Or go crazy all together and go yellow!
Yellow suits gingers!!

Picture: //

Great Lengths Ireland have amazing extensions. They use human hair,
which is 100% traceable. They cannot quote a price until you
have had your free consultation. Sally's have a wide and cheaper selection of extensions.

Great Lengths
They would be so tempting if I turned into her!!

I am in love with feather extensions! Fine Featherheads have a huge and
beautiful selection of feather extensions. They are an american based company that ship world wide
Prices start from $24.99. 
Try a natural look or coloured feathers for a stand out effect.

fine featherheads

Let me know what you think!




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