Tuesday, 26 February 2013

bleach splashed neon

Neon's are a big trend this summer. It is one trend though
that you don't want to get wrong looking like an 80's workout icon!

It is best to chose one item such as shoes or bag to make a statement!

I love neon's especially in jewellery so I chose this necklace with several orange
neon stones

H&M (old)

I love my new bracelet with two neon pink stones

H&M €9.95

I adore my new clutch from ZARA, not only is it neon orange but it is also 
perspex! Very Cool

ZARA - €25.99

I love my new bleach splashed jeans they are a great fit!

H&M - €19.95

Did you know men find bare feet attractive and this is the perfect shoe
to do just that! 

Pennys €15

And paired with a white shirt, this is how I wore the neon trend!





  1. Wowzers its a thumbs up from me. Not too sure about the feet though. I cried a little when I saw they were out

  2. The transparent clutch is adorable!


  3. Each and every piece is amazingly beautiful.


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