Sunday, 6 January 2013

Summer time and the living is easaaayyy

By request (I’m very honoured), I was asked to write a blog of what will be trending SS13. I know I did the blog on Primark SS13 but as a true fashion addict, I want to highlight other stores so we can all go on a shopping frenzy. Firstly we have to look at the gods who create our trends, we just don’t buy from them! Burberry's summer collection was shining bright and you will too when you are wearing your metallics. It’s great, Christmas is a fantastic time for metallic clothing. Wahey! We can carry them into summer. I am loving this grey jewelled boucle jacket from River Island, €110. It is pricey  but jackets are an investment!

If you go out shopping today buy stripes they are HUGE for spring summer. You can thank Dolce&Gabbana. Vertical to elongate, horizontal for curves. Every store is housing stripes, I particularly like this dress from H&M, €24.95. I know its summer but you will always look fashionable in black. Penny’s have blue and pink striped jeans due in if you really can’t deal with the dark.


Pastels make any summer’s day prettier and you of course. Milly NY by Michelle Smith SS13 collection is just divine. I will show you this collection in my "designer of the week" blog The pastel colours are just beautiful. I am in love. This mint lace dress from is a beautiful way to incorporate pastels.

Patterns will be here forever more and Philip Lim SS13 has insured they will see another summer. These patterned items again from are sexy and edgy and can be transformed from day time to disco time.

So when you have all your pretty dresses and shorts bought what do you pair them with? 


And because it’s summer trends……………..SUNNIES



Love Cat xxx

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  1. fantastic cat keep adding on more ss13 ideas n trend that wil pop up. there very useful and creative. x x


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