Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Primark Spring Summer Collection '13


That's it! Only Joking! 

So, I've had  a look at Penny's SS13 collection and I can't help get a feeling of deja-vu! It's clear that trends have continued right through from last summer and into next summer which is great,we all love the guaranteed hippy look for the summer, but when it's almost like the same products are being brought back, it's like zzzzzzzz. 

Aztec, stripes, cotton whites, tweed, denim, lace, and summer print will be dancing the streets so for all you have bagged last seasons clothes pull them back out your going to get to wear it again. I will defiantly be recycling!  I don't moan that much, so i'll be fair there is amazing neck pieces. Neon colours will be big in jewellery this summer. Neon's are very daunting but when paired with pastels and tan (fake or real!) they look fab and funk up an outfit. 
My referee/beetlejuice jacket, whichever insult takes your fancy.

I love my aztec boots, they will look so cute with a summer dress

 Spikes and studs have made it through another season. You can buy endless jackets and tops with spikes but the pocket will start to feel it, so why not try a bit of DIY. River Island have spike kits for €8. They are very easy to use and come in both gold and silver. Their online store offers a wider range of spikes. If you buy a few bags you will be able to create your designs in minutes. 

I bought this in london last summer

Denim dungarees and shirts I just don't get them, they look fab on hangers, fab on mannequins  fab on everybody except me :( poo to denim!  Except my H&M jacket, love the bronze buttons

I have to dedicate a very special paragraph, to sunglasses. I love them and Penny's have a wide range from €1.50- €3. I would advise though, since they are so cheap, if you love a pair buy two or three, after all they are cheap for a reason. I think this summer I'm going to be daring with my glasses and buy super flower power shades to bring out the inner tree hugger!

I have only one question, will Ireland get any of these? I'm going to Liverpool in March  and their Primark store is huge so I might be one of the lucky ones!

Please check out Primark's look book there is over 100 new products

Love Cat xx

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