Wednesday, 23 January 2013

D.I.Y. #2

Tops with fringes are bang on trend. I will show you 
how to be stylish and not spend a penny!

What you need:

Two T-shirts
Chalk or washable pen

For the first fringe design take your tee, try it on and mark it across
your stomach ,with chalk or washable pen, the length you want your fringe
to be. I've marked mine just above my bellybutton. Take off and match up the bottom hems

Take a scissors and cut above the hem line

Cut vertically up to your marked point, in even 1cm slits. Cut the front and back
When all the fringe is cut, hold the end of each string and pull to curl the material

Tadaa! Your new tee!

For your next fringe tee, again try it on and mark it. 
Take off and line up the hems and cut.
I'm using this tee. If the hems are different lengths cut them 

Cut the material again in vertical 1cm strips but this time you need an even number
of strips. I found it handy to count 1,2 each time I cut! Again pull the material to
curl it.

Take two strips and knot them a third of the way down from the top. 
Do this the whole way round (pic 1)
When you have done this take strands beside each other that are not knotted together
and knot them a third from the bottom (pic 2).

And this should be your final result

It's fringetastic!




I look forward to reading your comments, they are greatly appreciated

Love Cat