Thursday, 10 January 2013

D.I.Y. #1

I love to recycle my clothes so here is my D.I.Y. #1!

You will need: old material (I’m using an old houndstooth tee that shrunk in the wash)
                             Spikes (River Island €8)
                            Plain coloured top (Penny’s, €5)
                            Needle and thread.

Trace out a design of your choice on your material. I’m using Y S L. Google images can help you with the correct shaping. If your material is very flimsy you can pin it to thin cardboard and cut around the design. Pin the design in the correct position onto your top. Sew around the edges of your design to your top. Attach you spikes. I am attaching the spikes to the beginning and end of each letter. 

You have created your very own couture design.

Enjoy wearing


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