Thursday, 9 May 2013

Perfect pins

I'm expecting summer on a Wednesday this year, so in preparation it's time to get down and dirty with religious, exfoliating, moisturising and fake tanning!

I do not tan and believe me I have tried every tanning product you can buy off the shelf. I have had horrendous results but I have eventually found my favourite product, which I will share with you later.

Firstly, for even and streak free application of tanning you need to exfoliate a few days before applying your product to get rid of all dry skin.

These are my favourite exfoliating products I swear by! Sanctuary Salt Scrub is amazing. It contains sweet almond oil to smooth and soften the texture of the skin. It is best used in the bath allowing your body to soak in the oil. I use this a lot but not prior to tanning as the oils may interrupt the even process of tanning. So I use Sanctuary Micro-Dermabrasion exfoliant closer to tanning. I have never used a product as good as this. Apply to your skin prior to showering concentrating on troublesome areas and after your shower you will have baby soft skin. The Body Shop coconut body scrub is fantastic and smells so good you could eat it. However, if the pocket is feeling a bit tight, exfoliating gloves are cheap and do the trick!

Secondly, you must keep you skin moisturised.....

I personally use dry skin moisturisers whether or not I need it as it keeps your skin clear of any disaster zones! The above brands are the best in the business and are not harmful to your skin. I love Vaseline and their aloefresh range contains 15SPF giving your skin that extra protection. La Roche-Posay and Eucerin both contain Urea, leaving fantastic results on your skin. Aveeno creams are made with oatmeal making this product as natural as possible. Perfumed creams leave your skin very dry and should be avoided.

So, now that our skin is tan ready, you must choose which tan is right for you...

Daily moisturisers with an added tint are excellent way to build up a nice tan during the moisturing process. I have used all three and Dove is my favourite by far. It comes up over night and has a very natural glow. I do find these products take a long time to dry in so apply a good hour before plans!

Everybody loves that tan that wares off after a few days and gets you through the weekend. I will say these tans and my skin do not get on, but from hearing and seeing the results on others these appear to be the best! Fake Bake has a dark colouring to it so you can see it going on. Leave on for 6-8 hours to see maximum results. St Moriz can be found in Penny's/Primark and it is the new rage! I have seen it on friends, and this product is amazing and only €4 you can't go wrong. Cocoa Brown is another product retailing at €8.99, it's cheap and long lasting and gives a lovely brown glow to any skin type. L'oreal Sublime Bronze has been around for a while. It goes on as a clear gel so it can be tricky to get right but when it does the results are amazing. Remember when applying wear off tans, apply a barrier cream to tricky areas such as elbows ankles and knees. This allows you to rub off any excess tan. There is loads of barrier creams available but Vaseline Jelly is the cheapest and works just as well.

And finally.....

My style of tanning, wash off!

This according to me is the quickest, easiest and best result seeing way of tanning! Sally Hansen is out of this world amazing! It's a foundation spray for your legs but I use it all over. It is expensive and you will get about two full body uses out of it but it hides blemishes and is water resistant which is a must in Ireland! Rimmel is effective with a lovely tan glow but it is not good in Irish Weather.

Apply all tans with a tanning mitt. These are available in all chemists and department stores and range from €5 and up, depending on brand.

Remember drinking at least 2 liters of  water a day improves the quality of your skin

And all these tans DO NOT protect you from the sun so ensure you are wearing an SPF




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