Tuesday, 12 August 2014

This Old Thing

My new addiction is charity shop hauls and searching the vintage stalls at my local market.
I can honestly say it gets boring wearing clothes that you see everyone else in. I love the buzz I get when I purchase a fab piece for as little as €5!
I have been watching "This Old Thing" on Channel 4 hosted by the fabulous Dawn Porter. She makes vintage shopping look absolutely effortless.

Images Source: handbag.com
This Old Thing, Wednesday 8pm, Channel 4

Here are a few of my own recent purchases

I adore this , £15. When I tried this on I came out of the dressing room, I felt the skirt was a bit tight but I loved it especially the puffy thigh detail. I was walking around to see if it was comfortable. I couldn't understand why there was this huge hole in the puffy part. My boyfriend came down and I showed him the hole. It is a playsuit!! I had my two legs in in one leg. The mortification!!

This dress is so cute on. The waist and neck detailing is so flattering. 

This tweed jacket cost me £5. Not really sure if its a male or female jacket but I love it!!

These two tops are both home made and were both only £5

All these were purchased at The East End Thrift Store in London!

What do you think of my purchases. 



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