Monday, 2 September 2013

Pose perfection!

This post is a little bit different! I was asked to write up a post on a guide to simple poses for a few friends who are entering  Simply  Be Curvy 2013. It's very exciting entering theses competitions as they can open unlimited doors for you. 

So, if you have been called to the interview round they already like what they see which is a great start! This phase of the competition is for the judges to see your personality and it's your time to shine. When you enter the interview room, the judges's immediately see what your wearing.  They can see if you know your shape, how to dress for it and how confident you are. Here are a few looks I've created that are stylish, on trend and are fabulously figure hugging.

Look 1

Skirt // top // shoes all from River Island
Midi skirts are a great way for giving length. Add court shoes to elongate the legs further. Peplum tops clinch the waste and this paneling effect  will give a perfect silhouette. 

Look 2

 Jacket // Jeans // top all from Mango
Shoes - River Island

If trousers are more your thing, don't be afraid to wear skinny jeans. Add a plain tee with a bright blazer to get noticed. Wear a cropped jacket to emphasise your curves and teamed with leopard print point courts, they will know you know your style.

Look 3

Dress // sandals all from River Island
This paneling monochrome dress is not only amazing but super figure hugging emphasizing you amazing figure. 


Here is some simple but very flattering poses for your first photo shoot of the competition.

Photos: Digital photography school

1. Is the basic hand on waist. Your hips are the widest part of your body so NEVER place your hands there, ALWAYS on your waist!
2. Slightly point your foot on it's side and bend the same knee. Pull the knee in towards to meet your other leg.
3. This is my favourite pose, raise your shoulder, align your chin over it and slightly drop it, sexy look!
4. Love the over the shoulder look.

Photos:digital-photography school and Modern Photography school
1.If wearing trousers, this is a great simple look, hands in back pockets slightly turned towards the camera.
2. Hand on WAIST and other hand Flat on hip and again pulling your knee in for a feminine pose.
3. This is a little more tricky but makes a great "s" shape. One leg behind the other shoulder width apart, With the leg that is in front drop the same shoulder, creating a curve. With head slightly titled on the same side as the dropped shoulder leave your hands hang freely.
4. Again hand on waist and simple leg behind.
5. Legs shoulder width apart, slightly stick one hip out. With the hip sticking out place hand flat on hip and the other hand flat on thigh.

And practice your walk!

I hope this post helps any aspiring models and best of luck!

Love Cat



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