Sunday, 16 December 2012

My Favourite things

Hi I'm Cat. I'm new to this blogging and I am really learning as I am going. However, there is one thing that I am definately not new to and that is Fashion. Simply, for my love of it. So, I hope to bring you lots of fashion styling, hair and make-up tips and show you my best buys! Whats on trend and what I just love! 

My first post is about all the statement pieces one should have in their wardrobe that can completely turn around a boring outfit. That is boots, shoes, jackets and jewellery. I absolutely love costume necklaces and the bigger the better.

So here's a gawk at my favourite fashion pieces that just oomph an outfit!

I love costume jewellery, it can really personalise an outfit and bring it to life. I love gold and colour and always try to have either or both around my neck. It can be hard looking at pieces like these in store and wondering what youcould wear them with, but all look a treat on.

This green and silver necklace was purchased in H&M. I paired it with a black and white houndstooth tee and the colour pop was amazing.

 I recently purchased this red, black and gold necklace in the A/W 12 TRF ZARA collection. It literally lies on your collar bone and paired with a light coloured high neck jumper/dress, looks amazing.
 This gold necklace is my most cherished piece! It sets off any casual/dressy items. I bought this in New Look in London during the summer. A lady passed me in the street and the piece jumped at me straight away. I later located it in New Look and was a must have!
 Collars are another option to cover the bare neck but why not do a bit of D.I.Y. I made this myself. Even though the collar itself is black, by using the lighter buttons (gold,cream,pearl and pink) it allows one to pair with pastels.

 Above: I love crosses and this ring from River Island draws stylish attention to your finger tips. I purchased the large black flower earrings in Pennys recently and they look beautiful with an up do.

Below: I love crosses! Purchased in New Look. New Look is a great store for buy one get one free bargains. Definately worth the browse.
 I bought these babies on sale in Pennys for €7 and I cannot wait to wear them for the party season.
 I will say this once, fur is a must have in every girls closet and you look fab before you reveal your outfit! Coat was purchased from

 Above: My bowler hat, love it adds style to any outfit. I love to pair it with a cute dress and grunge boots.
Below: Look at the gold heel! Need I say anymore?! purchased in Zara
 They say diamonds are a girl's best friend but personally I'm a lover of pearls. This collar is a great way of incorporating pearls into your day time look.


  1. love your work your a great inspiration to us girls x x x x keep it up

    1. Thanks Martina. Appreciate it. Love Cat x


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